Family Connections

The vast majority of the servicemen and women on this site are anonymous names engraved onto headstones across the country. However, as part of my own family research, I did discover a handful of my own relatives who fell during the First World War.

This page is dedicated to those of my (distant) family that passed.

Commonwealth War Graves

Bloomfield, Private Arthur (d1917, aged 28, killed in action)

Earrey, Private William (d1918, aged 18, drowned)

Griffith, Sergeant Thomas (d1916, aged 25, killed in action)

Hornby, Corporal Sidney (d1916, aged 36, killed in action)

Shelbrooke, Rifleman Harold (d1917, aged 33, killed in action)

Stubbles, Lance Corporal Charles (d1918, aged 26, illness)

Woods, Private Frank (d1918, aged 33, killed in action)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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