Devonshire Regiment

Originally formed in 1881, during the Great War, the Devonshire Regiment raised a total of 25 battalions and fought on the Western Front and in Italy, Macedonia, Egypt, Palestine, and Mesopotamia. The regiment was awarded 65 battle honours and two Victoria Crosses during the course of the war.

Commonwealth War Graves

Adams, Lance Corporal Albert (d1919, aged 40, illness)

Antell, Private Frank (d1916, aged 37, suicide)

Baker, Private Thomas (d1917, aged 40, illness)

Batten, Private Arthur (d1919, aged 19, wounded in action)

Boon, Private Henry (d1916, aged 36, illness)

Bunclark, Serjeant John (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Burnett, Private James (d1920, aged 32, illness)

Chapple, Corporal Bruce (d1919, aged 26, cause of death unknown)

Clarke, Private John (d1918, aged 37, cause of death unknown)

Cleave, Private Frederick (d1921, aged 21, illness)

Collard, Private Cuthbert (d1919, aged 20, illness)

Cook, Private Samuel (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Coward, Private Albert (d1918, aged 18, cause of death unknown)

Dyke, Private Bernard (d1918, aged 20, accidental shooting)

Flood, Private James (d1919, aged 40, cause of death unknown)

Franklin, Private George (d1916, aged 28, illness)

Fuller, Private William (d1917, aged 41, illness)

Gillson, Corporal Wilfred (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Gulliford, Private William (d1917, aged 40, illness)

Hammacott, Private William (d1920, aged 28, illness)

Hext, Private Hubert (d1918, aged 20, illness)

Hobbs, Private Frederick (d1916, aged 29, illness)

King, Private Arthur (d1918, aged 22, wounded in action)

Lamacraft, Private William (d1919, aged 31, cause of death unknown)

Macey, Quartermaster Serjeant Percy (d1921, aged 31, cause unknown)

Metters, Private Gilbert (d1914, aged 29, illness)

Newman, Private William (d1918, aged 37, illness)

Oaten, Private Henry (d1917, aged 40, illness)

Parsons, Private Hubert (d1917, aged 24, cause of death unknown)

Patch, Private James (d1917, aged 35, accident)

Pittard, Private Herbert (d1918, aged 22, illness)

Srodzinski, Private Arthur (d1918, aged 28, illness)

Stodgell, Private Charles (d1919, aged 40, illness)

Trayler, Captain John (d1915, aged 39, illness)

Venn, Private Henry (d1918, aged 18, illness)

Warren, Private William (d1916, aged 33, wounded in action)

White, Private Frederick (d1917, aged 19, wounded in action)

Winter, Private Thomas (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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