Dorsetshire Regiment

Established in 1881, the Dorsetshire Regiment – also known as the Dorset Regiment, or just the Dorsets – were stationed in Malta, Egypt, India and Ireland over the years. The 2nd Battalion were sent to South Africa in 1899, where they were involved in the Relief of Ladysmith.

When the Great War broke out, the battalion were sent to various locations around the world, having gained experience since the regiment’s formation.

Commonwealth War Graves

Ashford, Private Arthur (d1916, aged 42, injury)

Dodge, Private Augustus (d1917, aged 18, illness)

Kennell, Private John (d1919, aged 47, illness)

Lloyd, Serjeant Edwin (d1919, aged 34, illness)

Moore, Private William (d1918, aged 25, cause of death unknown)

Perrett, Private Frank (d1918, aged 39, illness)

Rendell, Private Edward (d1916, aged 22, wounded in action)

Russell, Lance Corporal Harold (d1916, aged 21, wounded in action)

Sansom, Private Stanley (d1921, aged 27, cause of death unknown)

Sedgbeer, Private Ernest (d1916, aged 25, wounded in action)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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