Hampshire Regiment

Created through an amalgamation of two Foot Regiments and a number of local militia volunteers as part of the Childers Reforms of 1881, the Hampshire Regiment had a long and distinguished history.

Expanded to sixteen battalions as a consequence of the First World War, the regiment fought on the Western Front – where men of the 1st Battalion were involved in the Christmas Day Truce in 1914 – as well as Gallipoli. A number of the newly created battalions of Kitchener’s Army were sent out to India and the Middle East.

The Hampshire Regiment lost a total of 7,580 officers and men who were killed during the conflict.

Commonwealth War Graves

Alner, Private Sidney (d1918, aged 19, illness)

Cox, Private Tom (d1918, aged 18, illness)

Criddle, Private Charles (d1919, aged 19, illness)

Crook, Private Gordon (d1921, aged 21, cause of death unknown)

Diamond, Private William (d1917, aged 29, illness)

Thick, Private John (d1917, aged 34, illness)

Willcocks, Private Thomas (d1917, aged 35, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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