Labour Corps

Before the First World War, each regiment of the British Army managed its own manpower for service, construction and admin. The formation of a centralised Labour Corps from these 203 separate Labour Companies was organised in 1917, to “obtain more fluidity in utilising the services of men in Infantry Labour and Works units, and to simplify administrative work” [Army Council Instruction 611].

The Labour Corps provided support in all aspects – and all locations – of the British Army, including the Western, Eastern and Home Fronts.

Commonwealth War Graves

Athay, Private Albert (d1918, aged 31, illness)

Edwards, Corporal Ralph (d1919, aged 35, cause of death unknown)

Macey, Quartermaster Serjeant Percy (d1921, aged 31, cause unknown)

Mees, Private Henry (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Peacock, Private Pervical (d1918, aged 30 , cause of death unknown)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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