Rifle Brigade

The Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort’s Own) was an infantry rifle regiment of the British Army formed in January 1800 as the “Experimental Corps of Riflemen” to provide sharpshooters, scouts, and skirmishers.

The Regiment formed a total of 28 battalions during the First World War, in addition to the pre-war establishment of two Regular and two Militia and two Territorial Battalions. The regiment lost 11,575 men who were killed during the course of the war and were awarded 52 battle honours including 10 Victoria Crosses.

Commonwealth War Graves

Betty, Lieutenant Alfred (d1917, aged 48, illness)

Crook, Rifleman Walter (d1916, aged 27, illness)

Hawkins, Lance Corporal Francis (d1918, aged 23, illness)

Hill, Rifleman George (d1918, aged 52, illness)

Morris, Serjeant Ernest (d1920, aged 40, cause of death unknown)

Palmer, Second Lieutenant George (d1918, aged 22, illness)

Woods, Private Frank (d1918, aged 33, killed in action)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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