Royal Army Service Corps

The Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) was the unit responsible for keeping the British Army supplied with provisions (apart from weaponry and ammunition, which were supplied by the Royal Army Ordnance Corps).

The Corps was formalised in 1888, but had its origins in French Revolutionary Wars at the end of the 18th century. As a unit, it was involved on all fronts in the First World War, and suffered casualties as a result.

Commonwealth War Graves

Austin, Private Ernest (d1918, aged 31, illness)

Ball, Private Bertie (d1915, aged 24, illness)

Beacon, Private Frank (d1917, aged 33, illness)

Bond, Private Albert (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Clarke, Sergeant Major Charles (d1915, aged 31, suicide)

Coggan, Staff Sergeant William (d1920, aged 38, cause unknown)

Colchin, Driver Walter (d1918, aged 34, illness)

Cummings, Sergeant Henry (d1915, aged 38, illness)

Daines, Private Thomas (d1915, aged 44, illness)

Durnford, Lance Corporal Edmund (d1918, aged 38, illness)

Eglon, Private William (d1917, aged 19, illness)

Flower, Private William (d1918, aged 31, cause of death unknown)

Gill, Private Frederick (d1921, aged 22, cause of death unknown)

Hawkins, Staff Serjeant Major Percy (d1920, aged 34, illness)

Herbert, Corporal Edwin (d1918, aged 54, illness)

Ladd, Private Alan (d1918, aged 25, illness)

Leach, Private Charles (d1919, aged 46, cause of death unknown)

Lowes, Private Thomas (d1916, aged 53, illness)

Marston, Lance Corporal Thomas (d1917, aged 41 injury)

McDonald, Private Peter (d1916, aged 20, shooting accident)

Morriss, Private Reginald (d1919, aged 32, illness)

Newington, Second Lieutenant Alfred (d1917, aged 39, illness)

Norman, Private Daniel (d1916, aged 26, illness)

Parsons, Lance Corporal William (d1916, aged 25, accidental drowning)

Pearce, Driver Stanley (d1918, aged 23, illness)

Pike, Private Edward (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Rawlings, Saddler Tom (d1916, aged 19, illness)

Russ, Lieutenant Stanley (d1920, aged 32, illness)

Smith, Private Francis (d1915, aged 25, illness)

Steer, Driver W (d1919, age and cause of death unknown)

Stevens, Private Herbert (d1918, aged 45, illness)

Stone, Shoeing Smith George (d1918, aged 47, illness)

Symons, Lieutenant Rudolph (d1915, aged 27, motorcycle accident)

Treliving, Second Lieutenant Walter (d1918, aged 42, cause unknown)

Waterhouse, Serjeant William (d1915, aged 40, illness)

Westby, Private Arthur (d1920, aged 25, cause of death unknown)

Wheeler, Private Alfred (d1920, aged 34, illness)

Wilkinson, Sergeant Joseph (d1918, age 31, cause of death unknown)

Withey, Private Albert (d1921, aged 38, illness)

Wood, Driver Ernest (d1919, aged 28, cause of death unknown)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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