Royal Berkshire Regiment

Formed as part of the 1881 army reforms, both original battalions saw active service during the First World War. The 1st Battalion was deployed straight to the Western Front at the outbreak of the conflict, and joined there by 2nd Battalion in November 1914, with both battalions remaining there throughout the conflict.

The regiment also raised three Territorial, five New Army and four labour battalions during the war. These served in Italy and Salonika as well as at home and on the Western Front.

Commonwealth War Graves

Ashton, Private Frederick (d1918, aged 26, wounded in action)

Foote, Private Arthur (d1919, aged 38, illness)

Ford, Private Mark (d1917, aged 36, wounded in action)

Scott, Private Lawrence (d1919, aged 30, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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