Royal Defence Corps

The Royal Defence Corps was formed in March 1916. The role of the corps was to provide troops for security and guard duties inside the United Kingdom; guarding important locations such as ports or bridges. It also provided independent companies for guarding prisoner-of-war camps. The corps was never intended to be employed on overseas service.

Commonwealth War Graves

Beresford, Major William (d1917, aged 42, cause of death unknown)

Bevan, Private Edmund (d1917, aged 49, cause of death unknown)

Bridger, Private Bertie (d1918, aged 42, illness)

Frampton, Private Harry (d1919, aged 37, illness)

Harvey, Serjeant Tom (d1917, aged 46, illness)

Kiddle, Private Martin (d1917, aged 46, illness)

Larkin, Lance Corporal William (d1916, aged 53, illness)

Wood, Private Charles (d1917, aged 48, cause of death unknown)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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