Royal Field Artillery

The Royal Field Artillery provided close artillery support for the infantry. Created in July 1899, it served alongside the other two arms of the regiment, the Royal Horse Artillery and the Royal Garrison Artillery. It was the largest arm of the artillery and was responsible for the medium calibre guns and howitzers deployed close to the front line.

Commonwealth War Graves

Allen, Driver William (d1916, age and cause of death unknown)

Austin, Driver Harry (d1918, aged 29, illness)

Avenell, Gunner William (d1920, aged 29, cause of death unknown)

Carey, Gunner Sidney (d1918, aged 49, illness)

Coleman, Driver Walter (d1915, aged 28, riding accident)

Comer, Gunner Frederick (d1918, aged 25, wounded in action)

Cornall, Bombardier Harold (d1916, aged 26, wounded in action)

Fear, Driver Alfred (d1918, aged 20, illness)

Ford, Gunner Fred (d1915, aged 37, illness)

Greenslade, Bombardier Thomas (d1917, aged 23, cause unknown)

Hann, Gunner William (d1917, aged 48, illness)

Heathfield, Driver Arthur (d1915, aged 18, illness)

Holloway, Gunner Thomas (d1917, aged 24, illness)

Humphries, Driver Thomas (d1919, aged 21, illness)

Kelly, Gunner Thomas (d1918, aged 25, wounded in action)

Lean, Serjeant Harold (d1917, aged 17, suicide)

Mcauley, Bombardier Daniel (d1915, aged 33, accident)

Packham, Bombardier Albert (d1918, aged 44, illness)

Paul, Serjeant Leonard (d1918, aged 29, illness)

Pearn, Gunner William (d1918, aged 24, illness)

Pearse, Lieutenant Cecil (d1918, aged 35, cause of death unknown)

Scott, Corporal Wheeler George (d1919, age and cause unknown)

Shearn, Driver Lionel (d1914, aged 19, cause of death unknown)

Stevens, Corporal William (d1916, aged 32, illness)

Symes, Gunner Joseph (d1921, aged 44, cause of death unknown)

Taylor, Gunner Alfred (d1919, aged 33, cause of death unknown)

Tucker, Gunner Clifford (d1915, aged 18, illness)

Virgin, Driver Frederick (d1918, aged 30, cause of death unknown)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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