Royal Fusiliers

The Royal Fusiliers was formed in 1683, and has been continuous existence since then. Also known as the City of London Regiment, the Royal Fusiliers raised 47 regular, reserve, service, labour and garrison battalions in the Great War. These served in Africa, the Middle East, Macedonia, Gallipoli and the Russian Civil War as well as on the Western Front. The regiment lost almost 22,000 soldiers and officers during the 1914-1918 confluct.

Commonwealth War Graves

Cadenaci, Corporal Richard (d1920, aged 32, cause of death unknown)

Henry, Private Joseph (d1918, aged 23, illness)

Whittell, Serjeant George (d1918, aged 27, wounded in action)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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