Royal Garrison Artillery

The Royal Garrison Artillery was formed in 1899 alongside the Royal Field Artillery and the Royal Horse Artillery. The regiment was the ‘technical’ branch of the Royal Artillery, responsible for manning the guns of the Empire’s forts and fortresses, including coastal artillery batteries, the heavy gun batteries attached to each infantry division and the guns of the siege artillery.

The 110 Companies were based around the world, from the UK and Mediterranean to the Caribbean and Asia.

Commonwealth War Graves

Bradbeer, Second Lieutenant William (d1920, aged 32, cause unknown)

Gast, Private Percy (d1918, aged 29, illness)

Howard, Gunner William (d1919, aged 31, illness)

King, Gunner Charlie (d1917, aged 28, wounded in action, illness)

Lloyd, Gunner Albert (d1919, aged 25, suicide)

Morgan, Gunner William (d1919, aged 35, illness)

Norris, Gunner Frederick (d1918, aged 28, cause of death unknown)

Trask, Gunner George (d1918, aged 43, cause of death unknown)

Wall, Corporal Albert (d1919, aged 29, illness)

Watts, Gunner Samuel (d1918, aged 21, illness)

Webber, Gunner Frederick (d1916, aged 26, illness)

Withers, Signaller William (d1919, aged 36, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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