Royal Marines

Originating back to the 1660s, the Royal Marines is one of the five fighting arms of the Royal Navy. A separate force – the Royal Marines Artillery – was founded in 1802, and an infantry brigade – the Royal Marines Light Infantry – was created in 1855.

During the First World War, the Royal Marines were heavily involved on the Western Front; they were also involved in the 1914 defence of Antwerp, the landings at Gallipoli and the Zeebrugge Raid of 1918.

Commonwealth War Graves

Coombs, Serjeant Ernest (d1917, aged 49, illness)

East, Private George (d1918, aged 39, illness)

Faulkner, Sergeant Christopher (d1920, aged 39, cause unknown)

Hayden, Private James (d1917, aged 49, illness)

Hayes, Gunner Samuel (d1919, aged 38, cause of death unknown)

Hockey, Private Wilfred (d1915, aged 23, illness)

Jenkins, Private Herbert (d1919, aged 27, illness)

McCahearty, Private Henry (d1916, aged 51, cause of death unknown)

Shrubsall, Corporal Albert (d1918, aged 22, illness)

Sims, Private Cecil (d1919, aged 21, illness)

Teahen, Private Henry (d1919, aged 21, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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