Royal Warwickshire Regiment

The origins of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment date back to 1685 and was the first British Army regiment to be designated as fusiliers. By the outbreak of the First World War the regiment already had four regular battalions, but raised 43 more reserve, service, labour and garrison battalions. These served in Africa, the Middle East, Macedonia, Gallipoli and the Russian Civil War as well as on the Western Front.

Commonwealth War Graves

Edwards, Private Harry (d1917, aged 32, illness)

Hallett, Private Roberts (d1918, aged 18, illness)

Henderson, Private William (d1917, aged 18, drowned)

Paine, Private Cecil (d1917, aged 18, illness)

Pitman, Private Nelson (d1920, aged 31, illness)

Voisey, Private Robert (d1918, aged 25, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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