Somerset Light Infantry

The origins of the Somerset Light Infantry date back to the late 1600s, when it was one of nine regiments raised by James II in response to the Monmouth Rebellion.

During the First World War, a total of eighteen battalions were raised by the regiment, and served on the Western Front, Mesopotamia and Palestine.

Commonwealth War Graves

Alston, Private Jack (d1916, aged 51, accident/injury)

Baber, Colour Sergeant Henry (d1915, aged 56, cause unknown)

Bailey, Company Sergeant Major Walter (d1919, aged 36, illness)

Baily, Private Charles (d1919, aged 40, cause of death unknown)

Baker, Private Ernest (d1915, aged 32, illness)

Bartin, Private William (d1920, aged 27, illness)

Bellringer, Private Albert (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Blackmore, Private Alfred (d1918, aged 49, suicide)

Burke, Lance Corporal Albert (d1921, aged 23, suicide)

Cassidy, Company Sergeant Major Charles (d1916, aged 60, illness)

Cawley, Private Henry (d1916, aged 45, illness)

Cornall, Private Thomas (d1919, aged 40, cause of death unknown)

Crook, Private Frederick (d1918, aged 22, illness)

Currey, Lance Corporal Joscelin (d1915, aged 18, illness)

Davis, Sergeant Major Frederick (d1917, aged 42, cause unknown)

Drew, Private Gilbert (d1917, aged 19, illness)

Dyer, Private John (d1915, aged 51, cause of death unknown)

Flint, Serjeant Frederick (d1918, aged 45, illness)

Flower, Serjeant Charles (d1916, aged 37, illness)

Foster, Private Edward (d1914, aged 27, illness)

Francis, Private Wilfred (d1919, aged 28, cause of death unknown)

Gale, Private Albert (d1918, aged 35, illness)

Hobbs, Private Fred (d1920, aged 29, cause of death unknown)

Jones, Sergeant Arthur (d1919, aged 44, illness)

Jury, Private Frederick (d1919, aged 38, cause of death unknown)

Lee, Private Arthur (d1914, aged 25, illness)

Lewis, Private Ernest (d1915, aged 20, wounded in action)

Llewellyn, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur (d1920, aged 46, illness)

Maidment, Private Harry (d1915, aged 25, wounded in action)

Major, Private Frederick (d1915, aged 33, cause of death unknown)

Palmer, Private Montague (d1919, aged 32, wounded in action)

Parsons, Private Oliver (d1918, aged 21, wounded in action)

Patch, Private Leonard (d1915, aged 22, illness)

Plympton, Private James (d1916, aged 41, illness)

Pow, Private Albert (d1917, aged 30, illness)

Prince, Private Percy (d1918, aged 28, cause of death unknown)

Prout, Serjeant Richard (d1920, aged 24, accidental death)

Rapson, Lance Serjeant Frederick (d1917, aged 27, illness)

Rattle, Private Edgar (d1918, aged 23, illness)

Rawle, Private William (d1921, aged 27, illness)

Roberts, Private Samuel (d1914, aged 39, illness)

Rochfort-Davies, Second Lieutenant Wallis (d1916, aged 20, overdose)

Roman, Private Walter (d1916, aged 36, wounded in action)

Rowsell, Private Cyril (d1918, aged 21, wounded in action)

Sams, Private Edward (d1916, age and cause of death unknown)

Samways, Private Charles (d1918, aged 25, illness)

Singer, Private Tom (d1917, aged 40, illness)

Southwood, Lance Corporal Stanley (d1919, aged 23, illness)

Sparey, Private Charles (d1918, aged 28, wounded in action)

Sparrow, Private Albert (d1918, aged 37, illness)

Stelling, Serjeant Ernest (d1916, aged 38, illness)

Stent, Private Bertie (d1916, aged 27, illness)

Stone, Private Frank (d1919, aged 20, cause of death unknown)

Sweet, Private Lawrence (d1920, aged 25, illness)

Symons, Private George (d1918, aged 23, wounded in action)

Talbot, Private William (d1916, aged 47, illness)

Taylor, Private Thomas (d1915, aged 29, illness)

Tottle, Corporal Walter (d1919, aged 26, illness)

Tozer, Private William d1919, aged 36, illness)

Tucker, Private Clarence (d1918, aged 22, cause of death unknown)

Underhill, Private Henry (d1914, aged 54, illness)

Vagg, Private Wilfrid (d1918, aged 18, illness)

Walsh, Colonel Henry (d1918, aged 65, cause of death unknown)

Warren, Private Sidney (d1918, aged 28, illness)

Welch, Corporal John (d1916, aged 50, wounded in action)

Willcox, Sergeant Major Charles (d1919, aged 26, injury)

Woodbury, Private William (d1916, aged 17, wounded in action)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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