Worcestershire Regiment

The Worcestershire Regiment infantry unit was raised during the Army reforms of 1881 and recruited in Worcestershire. Two regiments – the 29th (Worcestershire) Regiment of Foot and the 36th (Herefordshire) Regiment of Foot – had been amalgamated into one unit with two battalions.

With the outbreak of the Boer War, two further battalions were raised; all four were involved on the battlegrounds of the First World War, on the Western Front, in India and at Gallipoli.

The regiment also contributed a further 16 reserve, territorial and service battalions, whose members won nine Victoria Crosses during the conflict and served in all the main theatres of war.

In December 1918, the Worcestershire Regiment also helped suppress the mutiny of West Indian soldiers at Taranto in Italy.

Commonwealth War Graves

Counsell, Private Stanley (d1919 aged 23, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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