Royal Engineers

Formed in 1716, the Royal Engineers’ role was to keep the British Army in the field by providing engineering and technical support. During the First World War, its duties included tunnelling, trench-building, forestry, quarrying, gas warfare, inland water transport, aerial survey, topographical photography and camouflaging techniques.

The complement of the Royal Engineers expanded from about 25,000 men at the start of the conflict to 315,000 in 1918.

Commonwealth War Graves

Blackwell, Sapper Ronald (d1920, aged 30, illness)

Britton, Sapper Edward (d1918, aged 48, drowned)

Burleton, Sapper Percy (d1918, aged 32, illness)

Burroughs, Pioneer George (d1917, aged 18, illness)

Carpenter, Serjeant George (d1920, aged 39, illness)

Caston, Sergeant Major Hugh (d1917, aged 36, cause unknown)

Chapman, Sapper John (d1916, aged 23, illness)

Churchill, Pioneer Charles (d1919, aged 36, illness)

Clark, Quartermaster Thomas (d1916, aged 63, cause unknown)

Clark, Sapper Walter (d1920, aged 37, cause of death unknown)

Cowley, Captain Frank (d1919, aged 41, cause of death unknown)

Dando, Sapper Ernest (d1917, aged 32, illness)

Francis, Sapper Leonard (d1915, aged 19, wounded in action)

Hagger, Driver William (d1918, aged 33, illness)

Hain, Lance Corporal (d1921, aged 39, illness)

Hawkins, Sapper Francis (d1915, aged 19, illness)

Heard, Serjeant Arthur (d1918, aged 33, illness)

Hoskins, Driver Sidney (d1917, aged 25, illness)

Hunt, Sapper Percy (d1920, aged 27, cause of death unknown)

Hussey, Sapper Frank (d1920, aged 49, illness)

Langley, Corporal Richard (d1918, aged 21, illness)

Lock, Sapper William (d1919, aged 23, illness)

Maple, Private Frederick (d1918, aged 22, cause of death unknown)

Mattick, Sapper Harold (d1917, aged 22, wounded in action)

McDowell, Pioneer James (d1919, aged 56, accidental drowning)

Merrifield, Sapper William (d1920, aged 26, cause of death unknown)

Moore, 2nd Corporal Harry (d1918, aged 41, illness)

Myers, Serjeant Thomas (d1918, age and cause of death unknown)

Paterson, Sapper Harry (d1918, aged 34, illness)

Pook, Pioneer William (d1916, aged 47, cause of death unknown)

Rendell, Sergeant Herbert (d1919, aged 32, illness)

Ridge, Sapper Herbert (d1918, aged 31 illness)

Romain, Sergeant Albert (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Rowe, Sergeant Henry (d1918, aged 49, illness)

Selley, Musician Henry (d1921, aged 45, illness)

Stapleton, Lance Corporal Albert (d1918, aged 25, illness)

Syms, Serjeant William (d1915, aged 26, wounded in action)

Wickens, Serjeant Frederick (d1921, aged 31, cause of death unknown)

Wilcox, Driver Edgar (d1916, aged 31, suicide)

Woodham, Sapper William (d1916, aged 36, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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