CWG: Serjeant Thomas Myers

Serjeant Thomas Myers

Thomas Francis Myers is destined to be one of those people whose story is destined to be lost to the annals of time. The only definite documents available for him are his pension records, which give his wife’s name as Ellen.

Sadly, with no date of birth for Thomas, no location other than his place of burial, and the potential for any number of alternative spellings for his surname, it’s impossible to track down any further details on his life.

His records show that he was a Serjeant in the Royal Engineers, and that he was discharged on medical grounds on 12th October 1918. Sadly, he succumbed to the conditions just a few days later, passing away from phthysis (tuberculosis) and exhaustion on 23rd October.

Thomas lies at rest in in the Woodlands Cemetery in Gillingham, Kent.

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