Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

At the turn of the 20th Century, the Admiralty had concerns that the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) would not be sufficient to bolster the ranks of the Navy in the event of war. Hostilities across Europe were growing and the armed forces were expanding capacity at an increasing speed, and demand for servicemen was outstripping supply.

In 1903, the Royal Navy was given permission to raise a second reserve force – the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve – which, unlike the RNR was open to civilians with no prior seafaring experience.

Commonwealth War Graves

Bowyer, Ordinary Seaman Cecil (d1918, aged 18, illness)

Burgess, Able Seaman Donald (d1918, aged 17, illness)

Clements, Able Seaman John (d1917, aged 26, killed in action)

Cooke, Ordinary Seaman Knight (d1917, aged 24, killed in action)

Ellis, Able Seaman Raymond (d1917, aged 18, killed in action)

Franklin, Leading Seaman Robert (d1917, aged 23, killed in action)

Godwin, Ordinary Seaman Willie (d1917, aged 20, killed in action)

Goulding, Able Seaman Michael (d1919, aged 34, illness)

Kick, Ordinary Seaman Harry (d1918, aged 18, illness)

McNish, Ordinary Seaman John (d1917, aged 20, killed in action)

Nicholson, Ordinary Telegraphist Jack (d1917, aged 24, killed in action)

Stanley, Ordinary Seaman William (d1917, aged 21, cause unknown)

Upson, Able Seaman Frederick (d1917, aged 20, killed in action)

Walters, Able Seaman Alfred (d1919, aged 18, illness)

Watson, Able Seaman George (d1917, aged 22, killed in action)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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