Royal Naval Reserve

The Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) has its origins in the 1830s, when a list was drawn up to identify men fit for naval service – and with seafaring experience – in the event of war. The aim was to booster the number of available troops for the Royal Navy, and, as time went on, men who had completed an initial five years’ service, were then placed in the RNR for a further seven years.

Commonwealth War Graves

Bashford, Deck Hand Charles (d1919, aged 28, illness)

Bell, Stoker George (d1917, aged 27, killed in action)

Benson, Stoker John (d1917, aged 25, killed in action)

Carmichael, Engineman Thomas (d1917, aged 28, killed in action)

Clark, Deck Hand William (d1917, aged 33, killed in action)

Cook, Deck Hand Harry (d1919, aged 26, illness)

Crocker, Seaman Francis (d1917, aged 21 killed in action)

Cropley, Engineman Thomas (d1917, aged 34, killed in action)

Donoghue, Greaser Humphrey (d1917, aged 57, illness)

Ginn, Seaman Thomas (d1917, aged 22, killed in action)

Gooby, Seaman Nathaniel (d1917, aged 21, killed in action)

Gunn, Seaman George (d1917, aged 24, killed in action)

Heasman, Leading Seaman Albert (d1918, aged 28, illness)

Henderson, Engineman John (d1917, aged 30, killed in action)

Hutchinson, Lieutenant Ernest (d1920, aged 42, drowned)

Kaloo, Fireman Nier (d1921, aged 31, cause of death unknown)

Kean, Trimmer Cuthbert (d1919, aged 58, illness)

Kelly, Trimmer John (d1918, aged 47, illness)

Kennedy, Seaman Alexander (d1917, aged 21, killed in action)

Littlewood, Deck Hand William (d1917, aged 35, killed in action)

MacIntyre, Deck Hand Angus (d1918, aged 23, killed in action)

Mackay, Seaman Neil (d1917, aged 28, killed in action)

Pye, Stoker James (d1914, aged 25, killed in action)

Simpson, Stoker George (d1917, aged 35, killed in action)

Sutherland, Seaman Alexander (d1917, aged 18, killed in action)

Tucker, Deck Hand Leonard (d1918, aged 20, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingsToo

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