CWG: Private Wilfrid Vagg

Private Wilfrid Vagg

Wilfrid Stanley Vagg was born in 1899 in the Somerset village of Doulting. One of six children, his father Albert was the local blacksmith and innkeeper and he lived with his wife Annie and their family in the Waggon & Horses in the village.

When he left school, Wilfrid was keen to follow in his father’s footsteps; the Oakhill Brewery Company was just up the road from the family pub, and it was here that he found employment as a clerk. When war broke out, however, he must have wanted to do his bet, enlisting in the Somerset Light Infantry when he turned 18.

It may well have been while he was training on Salisbury Plain that Private Vagg became ill. He was treated at the Fargo Military Hospital, situated just to the north of Stonehenge, and was operated on for appendicitis. Sadly, he did not recover, and passed away on 11th February 1918. He was just 18 years of age.

Wilfrid Stanley Vagg lies at rest in the graveyard of St Aldhelm’s Church in his home village of Doulting in Somerset.

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