CWG: Private Thomas Winter

Private Thomas Winter

Thomas Henry Winter was born in 1887, one of six children to James and Mary. James was a farmer, and the family lived in Milverton, in the Somerset countryside to the west of Taunton.

James died in 1900, and Thomas found his way into farm work as well. He met and married a local woman called Ada Thynne in February 1909, and the couple went on to have five children: Beatrice, James, Charles, Frank and Thomas.

There is little confirmed information about Thomas’ military career. When he joined up, he enlisted in the 13th Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment, although, as his service records no longer exist, it is not possible to identify when this was.

Private Winter later transferred to the Labour Corps – again there are no records to confirm the dates – and this is the division in which he remained.

Illness was to dog Thomas, however; in early 1918, he contracted enteric fever (known nowadays as typhoid), and was hospitalised. Sadly, he succumbed to the disease, and passed away on 14th February 1918. He was 30 years of age.

Thomas Henry Winter lies at rest in St Mary’s Cemetery in Taunton, Somerset.

An additional tragic turn to Thomas’ story is that Ada was pregnant when he passed away. His youngest son, whom Ada named after him, would never know his father.

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