CWG: Private Percy Prince

Private Percy Prince

Percy Prince was born in 1890, one of seven children to John and Eliza Prince. John was an agricultural labourer and coal merchant, and brought his family up on the Somerset/Wiltshire border, near Bruton.

Percy followed in his father’s line of work when he left school, eventually moving to Frome. He met and married a woman called Florence Stickler in July 1909, setting up home in Water Lane, to the south of the town centre.

War was soon beckoning, and Percy enlisted in the Somerset Light Infantry as a Private. Sadly, his service records are lost to time, and so details of him time in the army are not available. What we do know is that he was assigned to one of the depots, although which one is not clear.

Sadly, that is about the limit of information available about Private Prince. He died on 11th April 1918, at the Military Hospital in Taunton. There is nothing to confirm a cause of death, but he just was 28 years old.

Percy Prince was buried in St James’ Cemetery in Taunton.

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