CWG: Private Henry Mees

Private Henry Mees

Henry Edward Mees was born in Shepton Mallet, in June 1888. Henry was one of six children, and lived in Somerset with his father – Frederick and his mother Emma. Frederick was a gardener who worked as a groundsman for the local cemetery.

After leaving school, Henry found work as a clerk for a local auctioneer. Of his two brothers, the elder has found a trade in carpentry, while his younger sibling helped his father.

Henry’s service records are scant; he enlisted in the Labour Corps, although there is no confirmation of when this happened. Private Mees joined the 615th Home Service Employment Company and was based in England.

The HSE Companies categorised the employment of the men serving with them, whether they were cooks, caretakers, clerks, policemen, butchers or telephone operators, and used the men to the best of their skills. It is likely, therefore, that Private Mees continued in his clerk role, albeit in a different line of work from auctioneering.

Sadly, few further details of Henry’s life remain documented. He is listed as having been admitted to the War Hospital in Bath, and he died from influenza on 10th November 1918. He was 30 years old.

Henry Edward Mees lies at rest in the cemetery of his home town, Shepton Mallet, sadly tended by his father as part of his day-to-day job.

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