CWG: Gunner Clifford Tucker

Gunner Clifford Tucker

Clifford Charles Tucker was born in 1896, one of five children to John and Ellen Tucker. John was a shoemaker in the Somerset village of Othery, while Clifford became a farm labourer when he left school.

There is little documented of Clifford’s life, and what I have been able to identify about his military career has come from a newspaper article.

Much regret is felt in Othery at the new of the death of Clifford Tucker, one of the young fellows who volunteered for the service of their King and Country. Deceased, who was only 18 years of age… enlisted in the Royal Artillery about six weeks ago and was stationed at Brighton.

He was taken ill with pneumonia and died, his father arriving in time to see him before he breathed his last.

Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser: Wednesday 17th March 1915.

Gunner Tucker passed away on 28th February 1915, aged just 18 years old.

He lies at rest in the cemetery of his home village of Othery.

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