CWG: Private Albert Athay

Private Albert Athay

Albert Athay was born in 1887, one of eight children to Thomas and Emily. Thomas was a labourer for the local council in Weston-super-Mare, and the family lived in a small house on a road leading inland from the seafront.

Thomas died when Albert was only 14 years old, and, having left school, he found labouring work to help support his now widowed mother and younger siblings.

In August 1910, Albert married Mable Dunstone, a cowherd’s daughter from Somerset. The couple continued to live with Albert’s mother and brother right up until the outbreak of war. They went on to have three children, Milicent, Freda and Charles.

Albert, by this time, has been volunteering with the local Labour Battalion; he formalised his military service in June 1917, officially enlisting in the Labour Corps. He served as part of the territorial force, in and around Salisbury Plain.

Private Athay fell ill in the summer of 1918, and was admitted to hospital on 11th June with pneumonia. Sadly, as the days progressed, so did the condition, and he passed away from it just eleven days later. He was just 31 years old.

Brought back to Weston-super-Mare, Albert Athay was laid to rest in the Milton Cemetery in his home town.

2 thoughts on “CWG: Private Albert Athay”

  1. Thank you so much for this information – Albert is an ancestor and we have been researching his story as he is commemerated on the War Memorial in Grove Park, Weston-super-Mare. This is wonderful that we can remember his life so much more – thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome.

      One of my motivations behind this has been bringing the seemingly anonymous names on these headstones to life. These were living breathing people; their military service was just one part of who they were.

      I am really glad you found it useful and thank you for taking the time to comment.



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