CWG: Private Edward Pike

Private Edward Pike

Edward Arthur James Pike was born in Frome, Somerset, in 1888, one of six children to Giles and Annie Pike. Giles was a carter and labourer, and this is something that Edward – who was known by his second name, Arthur – followed his father into.

Arthur later found employment with the local Cooperative Society, and his carting experience led him to work for a Mr Bynoth of Badcox, whose Somerset business later became a well-known local taxi and bus company. On 17th April 1911, Arthur married Ellen Emma Sheppard, a labourer’s daughter from nearby Longbridge Deverill.

War was coming to Europe, and Arthur enlisted when his time came in the autumn of 1917. He joined the Army Service Corps, and was assigned to the 12th Mechanical Transport Company on Salisbury Plain.

While serving, Private Pike quickly contracted rheumatic fever. He was admitted to the Fargo Military Hospital in Larkhill, but succumbed to the condition after three months on 28th March 1918. He was 30 years old.

Brought back to Frome, Edward Arthur James Pike was laid to rest in the graveyard of Christ Church.

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