CWG: Driver Arthur Heathfield

Driver Arthur Heathfield

Arthur Heathfield was born in Shefford, Bedfordshire, early in 1897, the oldest child to Ellen Grace Heathfield. Ellen married William Lewis in 1903, and went on to have four children in total.

When he left school, Arthur found work as a farm labourer, but by this time, war was coming to Europe. Full details of his military career are not are not available, but he enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery at some point towards the end of 1914.

Driver Heathfield was assigned to the 14th Brigade, which saw fighting on the Western Front, although it is not possible to determine whether Arthur himself went overseas. What is certain is that, by the spring of 1915, he was admitted to hospital in Frome, Somerset, suffering from meningitis. Sadly, he was to succumb to the disease on 21st April. He had not long turned 18 years old.

Arthur Heathfield was laid to rest in the graveyard of Christ Church, in the town in which he died.

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