CWG: Private Bridges Baker

Private Bridges Baker

Bridges Baker, also known as James, was born in Oare, near Faversham, Kent, in January 1874. He was the third of six children to Bridges Baker Sr and his wife Caroline. Bridges Sr was a bricklayer, and this was a trade that Bridges Jr and his older brother both went into.

He soon made the decision to seek new opportunities, however, and left England to emigrate to Canada in 1903.

Private Baker enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Calgary. It was 22nd June 1915. Now known as James Baker, he was 40 years old and he cited his mother, Caroline, as his next of kin.

Baker’s actual service is lost to history; all I have been able to ascertain for certain is that he died on 15th February 1915.

Private Bridges Baker lies at rest in the graveyard of St Margaret’s Church, in his home town of Rainham, Kent.

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