CWG: Private Geoffrey Lake

Private Geoffrey Lake

Geoffrey William Lake was born in London in 1900, the oldest of two children to George and Emma Lake. George was a bank clerk who soon got promotion to bank manager and, as a result, moved the family to the Somerset town of Taunton at some point between 1904 and 1911.

When he left school, Geoffrey found work at his father’s bank and, with the war still being played out on the other side of the English Channel, he joined the Inns of Court Officers Training Corps in August 1918.

Sadly, this was to be the decision that saw Private Lake’s undoing. Whilst training in Hertfordshire, he caught influenza, which then led to pneumonia. Admitted to the Military War Hospital in Napsbury, the illnesses got the better of him, and tragically he passed away on 10th November 1918. He was just 18 years of age.

Geoffrey William Lake was brought back to Taunton, and lies at rest in St Mary’s Cemetery in the town.

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