CWG: Boatswain Jeremiah Lane

Boatswain Jeremiah Lane

Jeremiah Lane is one of those names that is sadly to be lost to the annuls of time, as there is just not enough information about him readily available to definitively map out his life.

Buried in the Woodlands Cemetery in Gillingham, Kent, his gravestone confirms that he was a Boatswain in the Royal Navy and was serving on HMS Marlborough. He died on 12th February 1919.

Jeremiah’s Pension Ledger Card confirms he left a widow, Mrs BM Lane, but gives no other information. The Navy Medal Roll shows he was awarded the British and Victory Medals and the 1914/15 Star for his service. The Navy Lists show that he attained the rank of Boatswain on 25th October 1918.

There are naval records for a Jeremiah Lane; these show that he was born in Queenstown, Cork, in 1879, and that he joined the Royal Navy in 1898. He had reached the rank of Petty Officer before leaving the service in 1912. The may be the same sailor, but there is nothing to directly link the two.

Sadly, then, the life of this serviceman, who gave his life for peace, is destined to be lost forever.

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