CWG: Private Charles Debney

Private Charles Debney

Charles William Debney was born in the spring of 1887, one of eight children to George Debney and his wife Susannah. George was a cooper for a cement works, who had brought his family from Norfolk to Kent in the mid-1890s, presumably for employment.

When Charles left school, he found work as a bricklayer; war was on the horizon, though, and when the call came, he signed up quickly.

While full details of Charles’ service are not available, it is evident that he had joined the Northamptonshire Regiment by November 1914. He was assigned to the 5th Service Battalion as a Private. Formed in Northampton, the battalion moved to Kent in the early months of the war, before moving to the Western Front at the end of May 1915.

Sadly, there is limited additional information available on Private Debney. He passed away on 29th May 1915, but there is no confirmation of the cause of his death. He was just 28 years of age.

Charles William Debney was laid to rest in the Woodlands Cemetery, in his home town of Gillingham, Kent.

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